Devos arrive just in time for summer camp season

By June 30, 2022

Poland (MNN) — Roughly half of the Ukrainians who fled to another country when Russia invaded have now returned, but the number of people displaced by conflict inside Ukraine remains high at 6.2 million.

Russia’s war is entering its fifth month, and uncertainty remains high. Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries says, “In any situation like this, kids and teens are scared, depressed. They’re wondering what will happen tomorrow; they want to get back to normal.”

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

God knew these kids would need hope. Before the pandemic, ministry partners helped Keys for Kids translate its youth devotionals into Ukrainian and Russian.

“A year ago, when we had Keys for Kids and Unlocked ready to go, nobody could take them because of the pandemic and the lockdown. God saved those for such a time as this,” Yoder says.

“When the invasion took place, there was a need for material for kids and teens. Devotionals we had published quickly disappeared to churches and pastors.”

With help from its supporters, Keys for Kids printed another 200,000 devotionals through a partner in Poland. Those rolled off the press just in time for summer camp season.

“Many organizations want to put summer camps together for these refugee kids to give some normalcy to their life,” Yoder says.

“We would love to see a move of the Holy Spirit in these people’s lives, to see the hope that has been extinguished by war reignited by the Holy Spirit.”

Pray the Lord uses Keys for Kids devotionals to introduce entire families to Christ. Help Keys for Kids create more resources in Ukrainian and Russian languages.



Header and story images courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries.