Devos needed for children’s Christmas outreach in Russia, Ukraine

By October 20, 2021

International (MNN) — There’s one thing believers – no matter where they live – have in common.

“Christian parents want to make sure their kids know Jesus intimately. And that’s what Keys for Kids is all about: igniting a passion for Christ in kids and teens and families worldwide,” says Greg Yoder, Executive Director of Keys for Kids Ministries.

Yoder describes an immediate need in Russia and Ukraine. “There’s a request right now for 70- to 100,000 Keys for Kids [devotionals] during the Christmas season. And we don’t have funding for that,” he says.

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“There are huge needs, and there aren’t enough funds to make that happen. But we know God; He can do anything.”

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

Based in the United States, Keys for Kids Ministries has plenty of discipleship resources in English for U.S. families. Visit the Keys for Kids website to learn more.

Global partnerships help translate those resources into other languages so parents worldwide can use them, too.

Storytellers – cute stuffed animals with a pocket for an audio Bible – are also very popular tools for children’s outreach in Nepal. Last year, Keys for Kids Ministries began partnering with Good News Nepal to translate print devotionals and radio programs from English into Nepali.

“Our partners are taking Keys for Kids [devotionals] into the northern regions. They’re broadcasting Keys for Kids on 16 radio stations throughout Nepal,” Yoder says.



Header image courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries.

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