Dia de los Muertos and eternal life

By November 1, 2016

Mexico (MNN) — Dia de los Muertos, or, “Day of the Dead” celebrations are taking place today and tomorrow throughout Mexico. The holiday, which usually spans two days, is a cultural way to remember people who’ve died.

What’s Dia de los Muertos?


(Photo credit: Richard Cawood)

Families who celebrate Dia de los Muertos in northern Mexico are likely honoring loved ones killed by the drug cartels. Drug-related violence is commonplace in the region, reportedly displacing entire communities.

Ironically, Santa Muerte – the “saint” whom Dia de los Muertos festivities were dedicated to – is also the patron saint of drug traffickers. As reported here, traffickers seek her protection.

Police in the southwestern U.S. even “use possession of Santa Muerte paraphernalia as a probable cause for search and seizure in suspected drug-trafficking cases.”

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press says their partner in Sonora is sending word of new life, not death.

He’s been handing out WMP Scripture booklets and “seeing churches come alive down there. It’s still a very difficult place to be, but there is a movement of the Spirit.”

One man, before becoming a Christian, lost his wife and four children to drug dealers.

“He was thinking of taking his own life, but on the street, someone handed him a Scripture booklet from World Missionary Press,” shares Williams.

“The Spirit of God, through the written Word, went to work on him. He came to the Lord, gave his life to the Lord.”

Bringing life to northern Mexico

That was 10 years ago. Today, “Pastor Armando” leads a small church he planted. Several home groups have emerged from the fellowship. Pastor Armando and his congregation regularly share the Gospel using WMP materials.

(Photo courtesy WMP)

(Photo courtesy of WMP)

“We wanted to share that (story) with people so [they would] know the little booklets are being received [and] the Spirit is preparing hearts…we never really know the full extent of what one little booklet will do.”

WMP produces pocket-size Scripture booklets that explain the essentials of the Gospel message. They’re translated into hundreds of languages, and can be printed for less than five cents each.

Help send a few here.

“We could use prayer for the shipment to northern Mexico,” adds Williams.

“I don’t know if it’s the enemy working against us, but it seems like every time I try to get it there, it’s been sitting in our warehouse.”

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