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By March 25, 2014
Daniel is a 13 year old boy with severe heart trouble. More important than reading and writing, he's learning what pleases God and what doesn't.  (Image, caption courtesy AMG)

Daniel is a 13-year-old boy with severe heart trouble. More important than reading and writing, he’s learning what pleases God and what doesn’t.
(Image, caption courtesy AMG)

Mexico (MNN) — In Mexico, a school for special needs students is running low on funds and needs your help. The Dios es Amor [“God is Love”] school is the only place in Puebla where handicapped students can get an education and hear the Gospel.

It was started by in 2006 by two AMG International missionaries, Manuel and Ruth Lopez. Manuel Lopez pastors the Dios es Amor Church, while Ruth oversees the accompanying ministry to special needs children, the Dios es Amor School.

Nearly 20 students are currently enrolled and will need your help to finish their education. Would you consider a gift for this ministry? Click here to help by supporting Manuel and Ruth Lopez.

Manuel and Ruth began the Dios es Amor School after homeschooling several deaf children from the underprivileged Puebla community. Since these children are challenged, they don’t have the same opportunities for education as their peers.

But Dios es Amor is equipping kids who are deaf, nearly blind, and battling cerebral palsy or autism to overcome and succeed. José Angel, one of the first students to enroll in 2006, is now training to be a teacher.

Jose Angel at graduation, far left.  (Image courtesy AMG)

Jose Angel at graduation (far left)
(Image courtesy AMG)

“It has been my privilege to disciple Jose Angel through Bible instruction, mentoring him on a nearly daily basis for 7 years,” says Ruth.

“[His] life was changed by learning to communicate through sign language, but [it] was transformed through personal discipleship based on the Word of God.”

Along with reading, writing, geography, math, and a variety of other school subjects, Ruth and her fellow teachers are introducing students to God’s love using Mexican Sign Language, and each school day begins with a Bible story. Students learn God’s Word, as well as how it applies to their lives.

Please pray that Dios es Amor School receives the funding it needs to continue. Pray that students will grow in their relationship with Christ as they learn more from His Word.

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