Disaster in Haiti prompts Christians to action

By September 9, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — Battered Haitians
are asking for help as they begin to assess the damages from the hurricane
season's one-two-three punch (Gustav, Hanna and Ike). Thousands have been displaced.

More than 500 have died in Haiti.
Rescue workers, unable to reach the worst-hit areas, say the death toll will
likely rise, as the waters get higher.

Worse yet, even before the water
recedes, there are growing concerns of what the flood's impact will be on the
food shortage, rising prices, and the loss of crops this year.   

Fields, already saturated by
Hurricane Fay's attack, finally washed away. Rain rushed down mountains, flooding lower areas, plains and valleys. With eight of 12 provinces flooded, Haiti's
president Rene Preval has asked for help.

Christian Reformed World Relief
Ken Little says they have at least six development projects
connected with church partners in the affected areas. "One of our larger
responses will be in Gonaives area which was really devastated by the floods.
We're helping a partner by the name of 'Ebenezer Mission' as they care for over
six hundred refugees that ended up in their school yard and in their hospital

committed $10,000 in relief funds, and will provide more when they are
available.  The response will
likely include food items, emergency supplies, temporary shelter, and targeted
supplies to assist with repairs to homes.

As the teams begin the
distribution, Little says they're acting as the hands and feet of Christ.
"The churches are seen as actively caring for the most needy in the
neighborhood and that de facto opens up opportunity for people to express why
and to point to the hope in Christ."

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