Disaster reveals God’s truth to Muslims

By August 23, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — While floodwaters may be covering a large
portion of Pakistan, the response of ministries reveals the truth in the
hearts of Christ's followers.

Voice of the Martyrs USA has redirected all of their in-country
efforts to distribute Action Packs: vacuumed-sealed containers holding much-needed
items such as food, clothes and Bibles to encourage and strengthen affected

However, they are not limiting their relief efforts to
Christians. Muslims are more than willing to accept the packages, even when
they discover the packs contain Bibles.

The actions of Christians after the rains–and as they continue to
pummel the country–are shining through this record-breaking tragedy. One
Muslim said, "You Christians are better than Muslims. You came all the way
from Faisalabad to help us."

Many are not only willing to accept the Bibles, but they have
told VOM teams they will read them.

As VOM rejoices over this positive turn of events, pray for
the teams as they continue to distribute Action Packs. Also pray for even more
victims to be open to the truth of Christ's message.

Read updates on flood relief.

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