Disaster strikes twice in eastern Afghanistan

By July 21, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — Disaster strikes twice in eastern Afghanistan. A 5.1 magnitude aftershock hit Khost province 26 days after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake killed thousands. The remote location makes details hard to come by, but Monday’s tremor injured at least 44 people.

Reza* with Global Catalytic Ministries says the aftershock hit three kilometers from the June 22 quake.

“It’s raining there, and there’s no shelter. So [people] went back to the houses still standing [after the June 22 earthquake]. Then, there was an aftershock, and more people died,” Reza says.

Afghanistan girls receive much needed supplies after another earthquake ravages the area.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries)

GCM is working through a network of underground churches to help people survive. More about that here.

“The Taliban has been very gracious about help. Unfortunately, no one is helping. The team we have on the ground [is] saying there are no other people there,” Reza says.

“The Red Crescent isn’t there; the Red Cross isn’t there; no one is there, and the villagers have to do this all by themselves with the Taliban.”

Help provide food, shelter, and the Gospel through GCM’s Afghanistan Emergency Relief fund.

“This is a beautiful opportunity to help an unreached people group. It’s not suspicious; it’s a natural reason to be in a village like this, and as we’re talking to them, we start talking about the Gospel,” Reza says.

“[We are] helping people in the worst situation – they’ve lost family members, livelihood; they’ve lost everything. We can shine the love of Christ, and not just rebuild their villages or their natural things, but we can also their spiritual relationship with God through this.”

Above all else, pray. “We want you to pray because the (spiritual) warfare is relentless and very strong; it’s nonstop,” Reza says.

“Pray the Taliban continues to give us open access [and] trust; [pray they] don’t see anything that will cause suspicion. The only protection in Afghanistan is the Taliban, so if the Taliban isn’t going to protect you, very evil things can happen.”





Header image shows a fallen support beam and destroyed home in the quake zone. (Photo courtesy of Global Catalytic Ministries)