Disease looms over Pakistan’s flood survivors

By August 3, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — The death toll from Pakistan's worst
floods stood near 1,200 at the beginning of this week, with waterborne disease
emerging as a threat to survivors.

Flash floods and landslides were brought on by monsoon rains,
displacing two million people in the northwest provinces of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
and Kashmir.

Aid is already on its way. The Pakistani army has mobilized tens of thousands of troops, rescuing
20,000 people from marooned areas.  

Fortunately, because of the military's offensive against the
Taliban, many humanitarian agencies were already in place. Additionally, millions of dollars' worth of
aid is on its way as are rescue vehicles.

However, food and fuel are running low, so help is racing
borrowed time. Bridges to some of the worst hit areas have washed away or
broken apart with the force of the waters, making travel with humanitarian
supplies nearly impossible. Some cities,
such as Peshawar, are entirely cut off from the rest of the country.

There has been a break in the weather pattern, which helped
some of the flooding to recede, but forecasters say more monsoon rains are on
their way.

Peter Howard with Food For the Hungry says, "This is turning into a significant
disaster that's having a major impact on the poor." 

Food for the Hungry's Emergency response unit is still
assessing the needs. However, their
teams are readying themselves. "It's getting clean water, hygiene kits,
and basic shelter materials like tarps, and tents, and even things
like mosquito nets to keep malaria at bay. We have not yet begun our response.
We're finding out how best we can support the efforts." In turn, Food for the Hungry also will be
supporting the Gospel. 

"If Food For the Hungry can come alongside local
churches and local Christian organizations and support them, then those
organizations not only will provide the immediate needs in the name of Christ,
but they can be there in the long-term."

Pray for flood survivors, especially the thousands who are
displaced from their homes and vulnerable to disease. You can help their Emergency Response unit
as they reach out to help Pakistani families in need. Click here.

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