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Published on 11 June, 2010

Disease looms over Sri Lanka’s flood survivors

Sri Lanka (MNN) — As floodwaters in Sri Lanka recede,
thousands of displaced are returning home. More than 500,000 people were affected by heavy rains in southern and
western Sri Lanka which began on May 14.

Medical officials in Sri Lanka have expressed
concern over the risk of a waterborne disease epidemic. 

In post-flood situations, it is not uncommon for people to
contract hepatitis A, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid, viral flu, Leptospirosis–also known as rat fever, and snake bites. Mosquito breeding also increased, raising
malarial risks.

Gospel For Asia echoes those concerns. Gospel for Asia's Sri Lanka Country Leader Lal Vanderwall writes, "We
have identified a number of people who are sick, including many who have skin
deceases due to the polluted water. Others are badly infected and have high

GFA Compassion teams have been helping flood victims, giving
aid to those in the western provinces; they recently launched several medical

Early on in their response, Vanderwall says, "We distributed food
among many people. We have exceeded helping more than 2,000 families."

There are more opportunities for us to show the love of
Jesus to the people.   "It is good to represent Christ our Lord in
times like this", Vanderwall says.   "People see the love of Christ through the
kind acts of His followers. Even some moderate Buddhist monks admire and
appreciate the Church! Please continue to uphold the team in prayer."

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