Disillusioned Muslims responding to the Gospel online

By January 15, 2021
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Near East (MNN) — The Near East continues to grapple with COVID-19 and its impact on economies, even with the beginning of vaccination rollouts. But in spite of (and maybe even thanks to) the pandemic, the Holy Spirit is moving.

Cry Out Now Ministries serves to build God’s Kingdom in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. Due to lockdowns, curfews, and contact restrictions, it was no longer possible to continue street evangelism or door-to-door Scripture distributions.

Peter* with Cry Out says they had to get creative with Gospel outreach. So they started sharing Jesus online.

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(Photo courtesy of Aaron Burden via Unsplash)

“Today with social media, there can be campaigns with thousands of people being connected with a message that goes out that people can click on if there’s a spiritual interest and even start to do a Bible study online…. We hear of people coming to faith just through responding to a message that they get on Facebook or a Facebook ad or some message that goes out through WhatsApp.”

For example, a Muslim man in Jordan was disillusioned with Islam. But he didn’t know where else to turn. Then Cry Out contacted this man on social media and he was intrigued enough to reply.

Peter says, “This guy has gone all the way through from just debating and looking at comparing the Quran with the Scriptures…to the point where he recognizes he doesn’t want to talk about the Quran anymore because he really believes that he’s found the truth.”

This Jordanian man has not yet taken the next step to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ. Please pray for him and others in the Near East to embrace joy in the Gospel.

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“God’s promises are still valid,” Peter says. “God is not on hold. That’s one of the lessons that we sense. He’s not on hold. He hasn’t said, ‘Okay, we can relax a bit on the commitment to disciple nations and to see people come to know Him.’ God is still working.”






*Name changed for security purposes.

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