Displaced orphans get new home

By May 28, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — The devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti in 2010 reduced many buildings to rubble, including the Foundation Foyer des Enfants Demunies orphanage in Bon Repos.

Because of this, 54 orphans were displaced; most of these kids still live in tents or temporary foster homes.

But now, Orphan’s Heart has stepped in to follow the call of Christ to look after orphans. Construction of a new orphanage in Bon Repos is finally underway.

With the help of two mission teams, work on Phase One of the new orphanage building has come a long way.

A third team arrived last Saturday, May 26.

The completed orphanage should hold around 90 kids, but it is being built in phases to start housing orphans as soon as possible. This first phase should be able to take around 30 kids.

In this new orphanage, children will find the physical security of a roof over their heads, food, and clean facilities, but they will also be in a loving environment where they’ll hear about the Gospel.

Orphan’s Heart is working with Pastor Edmond Fenelon, the Bon Repos orphanage director, to coordinate construction of the building. Pastor Fenelon opens up his home to teams that come down to help.

Mission teams that already went to Haiti visited Pastor Fenelon’s church and interacted with other believers in the community. They also spent time with the orphan kids and visited nearby Port-Au-Prince.

More teams are scheduled to go, and additional volunteers are needed.

Ron Gunter, Vice President of International Childcare at Orphan’s Heart, asks, “Please pray for the children…and that more teams will come and donations will be made to care for them as God intends.”

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