Distressed by alcoholic father, Indian girl finds joy in Heavenly Father

By March 2, 2020

India (MNN) — Mission India gets stories all the time from their Children’s Bible Clubs in India and how Jesus is making a difference. Mission India’s Erik* shares one story they recently heard about a 10-year-old girl named Nagia.

“Her father was an alcoholic who was very erratic and caused tremendous chaos and unrest in the family. Then ultimately, it spilled over outside of the family unit to the neighborhood that they lived in.”

To keep their family afloat, Nagia’s mother started working more outside the home. She did her best to be there for her children, but there was only so much she could do.

Nagia (Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Erik says, “As a result, Nagia started to become a problem at school and fell behind educationally. Even though she was in the fourth grade, believe it or not, she could barely read or write.”

Then, Nagia started attending a Children’s Bible Club with Mission India. She met the leader, Roma, “and God really used Roma to change Nagia’s life forever.”

Nagia loved attending the Bible Club, and her siblings even started to go with her. Nagia’s grades started to improve and, more importantly, she heard God’s Word for the first time.

“I think in the US, we struggle with that — what does it mean to hear God’s Word for the first time? We’re so blessed to be able to have Scripture and Christian communities around us, and we get to hear about God at a very young age. It’s not often the case for kids in India. There are over 400 million people who are unreached. They have never had the chance to hear the Gospel…and Nagia was one of them,” Erik says.

“When Nagia learned about what Jesus had done for her and how He wants to help redeem her, she was just so moved that she actually prayed and asked Jesus right on the spot to forgive her sins and start a personal relationship with Him.”

Although Nagia’s family was distressed by her alcoholic father, today Nagia has hope and joy in her Heavenly Father.

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

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“One of the great things of Children’s Bible Clubs that come out is just the life and family transformation that takes place,” Erik says. “So just being able to enable that and double that impact is really exciting.”

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After you give, please follow-up your generosity with prayer. Pray for Nagia and her family, that Nagia’s newfound faith in Christ would have a ripple effect. Ask God to bless the leaders of Children’s Bible Clubs so they would see fruit through their ministry.



Header photo courtesy of Mission India.


*Names changed for security purposes.

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