Distribution service threatened but allowed

By May 29, 2007

India (MNN) — The Easy-to-Read Oriya Bibles have been distributed to workers from World Bible Translation Center. They handed out 34,000 Bibles to 600 workers who will pass them out to other Indian believers in Orissa state. 

Since the church began growing in India after 1999, the need for these Bibles has grown as well. Many of those who will receive the Bible are from a poor region that is not well-educated.  That's why the Easy-to-Read version, which is at a third grade reading level, is perfect for this area.

During the distribution service, Indian intelligence officials came to stop the service after a tip from Hindu extremists. However, WBTC was thankful that the officials eventually decided to allow the service to continue.

Later, they did take names and addresses of the leader, Joshua, and the Center there in case of future inquiries.

World Bible Translation Center is praising God that this service was allowed but also asking for prayer for those whose addresses have been recorded.

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