Distributor uses speakers to reach Mexico

By July 18, 2018

Mexico (MNN) — Sometimes, sharing the Gospel is as easy as making an announcement. Take a distributor in Mexico working with World Missionary Press.

The distributor has been operating in Mexico for several years now.

“He started out just going across the border from the US just going back and forth and back and forth, and then the Lord called him to move into Mexico in the northern area where the drug cartels and the violence were bad many years ago,” said Helen Williams of World Missionary Press.

Their contact still lives and works in the area with his family.

“He has many, many pastors who look to him for literature, and he’s kind of a conduit for us to get literature throughout Mexico. He’s just a man whose heart is for the Lord and for the people of Mexico.”

Recently, he contacted World Missionary Press about his latest project. Every morning, he takes one of the topical scripture booklets they publish, opens up to a new page, and reads.

“You couldn’t do this, I don’t think, in a lot of places, but in this city in Mexico, you can. Basically what he’s doing is at 7 o’clock in the morning he’s standing there with his mic speaking out into a loudspeaker that’s going out throughout the neighborhood and he’s reading [our booklets].”

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

He reads one page out of one book every day, and his neighbors are starting to take notice.

“In 8 months, God has opened up 29 homes who are now meeting us 3 nights a week to join [him] for a walk through the whole Bible,” Williams says.

Now, he’s asking for resources and prayer as he continues his ministry.

“We would pray that we would be able to produce more and get the shipment down to him,” Williams says. “He has some of the pastors calling him and asking for materials because they have storage space and they have people waiting for the Word.”

Want to help provide those materials? Click here to get involved, and continue to pray “that he would get more materials and that God would grant him the health to do the work the Lord has given him.”

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