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Published on 04 November, 2010

Doctor brings prenatal care to village

Kenya (MNN) — Prenatal care is making a difference for the women of Olenkasurai,
a rural Maasai village which never had medical care until missionary doctor
Daniel Njuguna of Childcare Worldwide.

Njuguna focuses his work on treating patients and educating them about
their health; his most frequent patients are women and children. He was concerned to see how common it has
been for the women of the village of Olenkasurai to suffer severe infections
after giving birth at home in unsanitary conditions.

"I had to create more health education classes centered on safe deliveries
and the importance of giving birth in a health facility where cleanliness is
high and safety precautions are taken," Njuguna said. "The results of the classes have been

Over the last three months, Njuguna has seen a dramatic increase in the
number of women coming to the clinic for prenatal care. Now he is offering them additional training
in hygiene, newborn safety, and how to care for infants when they become

"There have been 200 women who have come to our clinic after taking
classes and seeing the importance of prenatal care," Njuguna said. His training on HIV/AIDS prevention has also
had an impact on the village. The number
of patients with the dreaded disease has decreased since Njuguna came. 

You can help provide medical care for families living in remote areas of

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