Helping underground believers understand the Old Testament

By April 21, 2015
(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

(Photo courtesy SAT-7)

Middle East (SAT7/MNN) — Does the Old Testament still remain relevant in 2015, or is it simply outdated?

Questions like this are brought to the television series, Theological Themes in the Old Testament, which is hosted by Rev. Faribouz Khandani, broadcast on SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa.

Rev. Khandani has recognized the importance of the Old Testament and has been careful to not overlook it. He says it brings knowledge to the table that can help people create stronger relationships with God. Knowing about the revelation of God before the First Coming and the early ministry work of Jesus are two examples that will help strengthen this relationship. The new program teaches people that general revelation alone, while genuine and important, does not suffice because it does not reveal our sins.

Episodes began airing in March on SAT-7 PARS, which broadcasts to more than 2 million people in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. During the start-up of the program, an introduction of the Old Testament took place, covering topics on the importance of knowing God and how He reveals Himself through His relationships with people. Future episodes will talk about God’s promise to Abraham, knowing sin, and the importance of covenants in the Old Testament.

As part of the SAT-7 PARS Seminary of the Air, or SOTA, series, it leads believers to a deep, detailed understanding of biblical themes and equips them to serve and lead in house churches.

The Presenter, Rev. Khandani, has had a dramatic spiritual journey that helps him relate to viewers with good humor and a warm spirit. As a teenager in Iran, Rev. Khandani held extremist beliefs. When his sister became a Christian, he began reading the Bible to disprove her new beliefs. He says, “I was convinced that the Bible was corrupt and filled with inconsistencies…. Little did I know that the Word of God was powerful to convict, and I began following Christ. This was in 1976.”

Growing persecution against Christians caused his family to immigrate, and Rev. Khandani now pastors a church in Toronto, Canada. He holds a degree in Biblical Studies and is conducting advanced research in Historical Theology.

Now, he wants to share the Gospel targeted toward underground believers.

He says, “In terms of TV ministry, the burden on my heart is to see the leaders of the underground churches in Iran grow and learn so that they help nourish and teach the lay members.”

These believers are in desperate need of a ministry, and this television series is a great way to provide it for them. Many have nowhere else to look for the truth because of restrictions in the countries.

One woman told SAT-7 PARS, “I gave my heart to Jesus two years ago and continue to watch your programs daily. I joined a small house church and married a Christian man who loves me and treats me with respect. Now, ten members of my close family and relatives are also Christians, and we come together to worship God and watch your programs.”

Pray that Theological Themes in the Old Testament will stir interest in those who have not yet received Christ as Lord, and deepen understanding for those who know Him as Savior.

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