Dollar Denim Days enrich Bible translation and student body

By December 6, 2007

USA (MNN) – What's the common
link between a ministry, Bible translation, students and jeans?

Earl Garland, superintendent of
Northeast Christian Academy in Kingwood, Texas can tell you.  He says this is the third year their student
body has targeted WordWinds International for their Denim Dollar Days program.
"The students bring a dollar or more, and that gives them the privilege of
being out of school uniform. It kind of gives them a relaxed dress day, and
in return, they are supporting a mission ministry. We're raising money to fund
their (Bible) translation, and we're partnered specifically with the Tembe
translation of the Bible." 

The Tembe people live in the
areas of Brazil called the Alto Rio Guama, in the northeast section of the state
of Para. The translation is nearing its
final stage. Final verification is
75% complete in the New Testament, and the translation team, made up of Paulo
& Quezia Oliveira, is working hard to finish the project so that the Word
of God can be placed into the hands of the Tembe. WordWinds
International needs about $4000 to see the project completed.

With the excitement building, the
school's support  is an energizing
push. According to Garland, the school
heard about the Tembe Project through a former teacher, the mother-in-law of WordWinds
International's director Jarrette Allen.

From there, the school invited Allen to speak to the student body and share his vision. His passion caught on. So far, the student
body has raised roughly $1500 for the Brazilian translation
through their Mission Dollar Denim Days.   

Garland says while WordWinds
isn't their only mission project, it is part of a longer-term focus.  "It's just to get our kids to think
bigger than just their local area and themselves. We get the folk in, the kids
know about the ministry, and then that gives them a better 'buy-in' to whatever
the ministry is doing."

It's just one more way for the
children and young people to discover that the world is a much, much bigger
place than their backyard. It's about
impact for the kingdom. Click here if
you want to help support the Tembe project.

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