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By June 14, 2012

USA (MNN) — Have you ever wanted to help a child in desperate need but just didn't have the money? Now there's a chance for you to have an impact on a child's life half way around the world and not have to leave your computer.

It's the CURE International One Child Challenge. Here's how it works. Go to When you click "Follow a child's story", a donor will give $1 to that child's surgery. You'll get updates before, during, and after a surgery that will change that child's life forever so that you can share the experience with your friends.

MNN's Greg Yoder went to and is following Leta. Leta is looking forward to getting back to school after his operation here at CURE Ethiopia. He is in Grade 1, and he plans on becoming a doctor when he grows up. This charming guy has been through a lot with a leg and foot deformity. Because his right leg is slightly longer than the left, it's caused him a lot of problems walking, and other kids make fun of him.

When Leta is at school or playing around his home, people called him "Shiba" which means "crippled," and it hurts his feelings. His family has attempted to get him healed before, but their efforts were futile. When he was 4 years old, he had an operation at another hospital, but it did nothing for his condition.
Leta's parents are farmers, and they are happy to have found a place where their son can receive the necessary care without using all of their funds. They're ready for a change with this operation. It won't be long before Leta is running around pain-free and proud of his legs.

You can join me in supporting Leta, or you can find another child to support. The great thing about CURE is that not only are the doctors and nurses helping with the physical needs of these children, but they're also sharing their faith with the whole family.

Follow these children, or support CURE's work at

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