Donating your birthday can help change lives

By April 13, 2015
(Photo courtesy Partners Relief and Development)

(Photo courtesy Partners Relief and Development)

SE Asia (MNN) — Get ready to celebrate.

This year, Partners Relief and Development is turning 20. That means for the past 20 years, they’ve been bringing freedom, safety, health, and education to children in SE Asia who have been oppressed daily.

Throughout this year, they want to celebrate their ‘birthday’ with yours.

What does this mean?

They’re inviting you to take a selfless step and leap of faith by donating your birthday to help save children from distressful situations, including lives of poverty.

But, Partners doesn’t want you to stop your generosity there. They are challenging you to spread the word to your family and friends, and to start a fundraising page where people can chip in and donate to your birthday donation page to help children in need.

Imagine how many kids could receive medical and educational attention, and be rescued.

So What?

Many organizations do things like this all the time, but what makes Partners special? They offer the Gospel to these children who have lost hope and become refugees because of war.

While providing care for them and their families, Partners introduces them to the love of Christ and practices unconditional love. They share with families that, no matter the situation, no matter the lives they lead, they are still God’s children and are loved unconditionally.

When Partners pours out their love to people who have already lost so much, refugees to ask questions about Jesus, the Gospel, and why kindness is being shown to them.

Back in November, Steve Gumaer of Partners said, “When they ask us what our secret is, we have the opportunity to describe that secret, and that is that the hope of glory is alive in us. Jesus, when He said to love Him with our whole heart and love our neighbor as ourselves: we take that very seriously.”

What will you do?

This opportunity opens doors to saving people both physically and spiritually, and all it takes is one birthday: yours.

Start your Birthday Donation by clicking here.

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