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By April 27, 2007

Haiti (MNN) — Three to four months of heavy rains in Haiti may be the cause of beans spoiling. For Haiti With Love is now desperately trying to replace these $12,000 bean projects, which are a crucial part of the nutritional value of their food program.

"We're thinking that moisture got to the beans, but the supplier is checking it out to try to verify what is going on," said Eva Dehart of "For Haiti with Love." She explained that the beans are becoming powdery and developing an odor. 

"We are sifting them and getting rid of the bad ones and accelerating the distribution of the good ones so we can get them used," Dehart says. The beans will no longer last as
long as they had planned, so they must raise $12,000 to restore the bean supply.

The black beans they supply are split which doesn't change the flavor but takes less time to cook. This means that less charcoal is required to cook the beans.  

Contributions are down for the first time due to the loss of a few contributors, and so far there has been no response to calls for donations. "If we can't keep this supply going, it will greatly   impact about 3,000 families in Cap Haitien area," says Dehart. 

"The people that we're helping don't have any other place to turn right now, so that's why its so critical. We're trying to deal with the poorest of the poor who have no other avenues of support. If we can't keep up our support to them, they will
really suffer, and we may lose some," said Dehart. 

Though the supplier is ready to help, funds are needed up front. "For Haiti with Love" has always remained debt free and plans to continue to do so in this situation. Dehart says, "We need $12,000. That's what it takes to buy the black bean splits, to ship them from the supplier to Ft. Lauderdale, and then pay the shipping from Ft. Lauderdale to Cap Haitian."

Though the food supply is suffering, Dehart says the northern part of Haiti is quieting down.  "We have hopes that we'll be able to start taking teams and increase the aid level," she said. 

"Pray for Haiti and for the continuation of this peaceful move so that we can get more help
into the region," Dehart says. 

If you would like to donate to help the bean crisis, click here.

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