Donors offered gift card so children may be helped

By December 1, 2008

International (MNN) — The economic recession in the United States as well as other large nations has affected practically every international mission group standing.

While many nonprofit organizations are requesting more financial support from their donors, however, Compassion International is giving its donors a break.

Compassion International is partnering with Christian Book Distributors this holiday season to bring incentive to families to keep on giving. Christian Book Distributors, the largest Christian resource distributor in the world, has offered to donate $25 gift cards until January 31, 2009 to each person who agrees to sponsor a child with Compassion.

Christian Book Distributors is excited to be working with Compassion and recognizes the extreme need and importance of child sponsorship. The hope is that those who are struggling with the decision to sponsor a child this year will be given enough of an extra push by the gift card offer to decide for sponsorship. Compassion suggests recipients give the gift card away as a holiday present or use it to buy multiple gifts for loved ones. Hopefully this will assuage financial burdens enough to serve more children, even amid economic tension.

Of course, the real purpose behind the incentive is to feed and protect impoverished children. Compassion works with children from 25 of the poorest countries across the globe, providing education, life skills and medicinal protection for each child. The ministry currently serves over 1.8 million children, but there are still millions more awaiting care and nourishment.

If you would like to sponsor a child with Compassion, click here.

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