Donors play crucial role in Scripture reaching South America

By June 6, 2013

South America (MNN) — It’s pretty easy to find a Bible in the United States. But, head south-of-the-border and Scriptures become a little harder to come by.

Rita Guerra of Bible Pathway Ministries agrees.

“It is scarcer in the South American countries, and they’re very expensive,” Guerra says.

That’s one of the reasons Bible Pathway is partnering with Edwin L. Hodges Ministry. They’re sending Spanish-language resources to his distribution center in Texas.

“Spanish missionaries can come across the border from Mexico, pick up literature and go back across without too much transportation expense,” explains Guerra.

She says a phone call from Ed started this ball rolling.

“He contacted us, saying that there’s a large evangelistic movement going around South America,” says Guerra. “The request for Spanish literature is very, very great; people are being brought to the Lord.”

So far, Bible Pathway has sent 1,500 copies of their “Read Through the Bible in a Year” devotional commentary to the warehouse. They hope to send even more in the coming months.

“It is a powerful resource for these missionaries in the South American countries to get to their people, without having to spend so much money,” Guerra says.

For both the missionaries and ministries, money that would’ve gone toward shipping expenses can now be put toward Kingdom work.

“The postage (for shipping), a month, is anywhere from $3- to $5,000; that’s only the postage!” Guerra exclaims.

Now, “[Bibles are] able to get to the people that are actually distributing [them], and working with the individuals who speak Spanish, at a much lesser cost than it would be if we had to ship.”

Guerra says Bible Pathway is only able to print and send Bibles and Christian resources through the committed support of their donors.

Will you help God’s Word reach South America? Click here.

“Pray that the Word is able to go forth readily, and that those who receive it will receive it into their hearts, they’ll be touched,” Guerra requests.

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