Drink coffee, do good

By April 8, 2011

International (MNN) — Folgers Coffee
made famous the jingle, "The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!"

This simple phrase captures America's
fascination with a morning cuppa joe. Living Water International is taking that idea a step further and
launching a new awareness campaign.

It takes clean water to make a good
brew. For most of us, you just get your
filtered water or turn on the tap to fill the coffee pot. We take access for granted.

But according to the United Nations, 8 out of 10 people who are still
without access to an improved drinking water source live in rural areas.   

That's why LWI exists. Their goal is to substantially ease
the global water crisis while addressing root causes such as injustice,
oppression, and abject poverty. As this happens, communities and worldviews are

A big part of that change comes through a consistent
demonstration of God's love by helping communities not only access clean water,
but also experience "living water" through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It's a huge task, which is why
they're always looking for creative ways to get more people involved.

head back to the coffee: LWI says that
your morning cup of coffee is an act of
communion. Whether you're aware of it
or not, every time you enjoy a hot cup of coffee, you are sharing with other

Buying a pound of most any other coffee means you're sharing with
several million corporate stockholders. However, if you buy a pound of Good Day Coffee, the proceeds from that purchase are used to provide clean water to
those who need it most.

How would that work? Take Haiti, for example. LWI has
been in Haiti since 2004 and is seeking to "Help Haitians Heal Haitians" by
training and helping activate teams of Haitian workers on the ground to
rehabilitate broken or unusable wells and implement water solutions.

Their rehab teams can help bring water back to as
many as four communities every day, re-introducing a clean water supply to
thousands of people. After the January quake last year, Living Water
International has seen more than 340 water projects completed in Haiti, and
they are now working to drill new wells in communities that have never had
them, along with their rehabilitation projects. They also sell pounds of "Good Day"
coffee, with all proceeds going to providing clean water through their programs.

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