Ethiopia: dual answer to drought crisis

By July 27, 2016

Ethiopia (MNN) — El Niño this summer has wrought a lot of havoc on countries already struggling with severe weather conditions. The years-long drought in Ethiopia is by no means an exception.

The World Food Programme says that 10.2 million Ethiopians are in need of emergency food assistance. As with most droughts, crops struggle and fail.

Jerry Wiles of Living Water International says, “Experts are projecting that this is the worst drought that has taken place in Ethiopia since the 1960’s.”

He continues, saying that out of almost 100 million people in Ethiopia, there are “42 million plus without access to clean, safe drinking water.”

The situation is likely to get worse, making hygiene and sanitation practices extremely important.

Earthly and eternal impact: the dual mission of Living Water
Image courtesy of Living Water International

(Image courtesy of Living Water International)

Living Water International exists to bring sustainable practices and water sources to countries. But more importantly, they want to tell others about Jesus.

Wiles says, “By the end of this year we will have completed more than 500 water projects.”

In Ethiopia, they recognize a great spiritual need, and along with that, a great opportunity to share Christ with the population.

Application of orality method

Many of the people groups in Ethiopia are oral cultures, meaning they depend mostly on word of mouth to communicate. The prominence of oral cultures worldwide is one of the reasons why orality method has grown so quickly the last few years.

Wiles explains, “You can integrate orality concepts, methods, and principles into all the programs.”

Through orality, not only are mission organizations better able to pass on hygienic instructions, but they are able to train leaders to share the Gospel in a way that is reproducible.

“The Lord’s doing a great work, and seems like in some of the most desperate and difficult times and places the Lord does some amazing work. So we’re praying and trusting the Lord that we can be strategic in meeting the physical and spiritual needs there.”

Wiles says it’s part of an integral mission — word and deed, proclamation and demonstration.

Clean water and you
(Photo courtesy Living Water International)

(Photo courtesy of Living Water International)

Living Water International has a variety of ways you can get involved in their projects. Click here for a list of opportunities.

For more information on their work in Ethiopia, look for their August newsletter. You can sign up for the email list on the bottom of this page.


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