Duck project sparks Gospel conversations

By June 27, 2014

Indonesia (CAM/MNN) — How do you share the Gospel with a Muslim in Indonesia? Start a duck project.

Christian Aid Mission, your link to indigenous missions, helps missionaries in this Islamic nation buy ducks. As they sell the eggs in the local market, doors open for conversations about Jesus Christ.

Village church planters with Yesus Kristus Mission often raise ducks to earn a living and become part of a community. A mere $20 USD can help a church planter launch a duck project with 100 ducklings.

Help indigenous missionaries start the venture here.

Missionaries also reach out to Indonesian women using sewing machines. Yesus Kristus Mission is giving 40 sewing machines to the wives of Gospel workers. This way, the women can sell or repair clothing to bring in additional income.

It also affords them an opportunity to speak with other women about the Lord. The machines are provided by gifts to Christian Aid’s Prayerline ministry.

Pray that thousands of villagers will hear about Christ’s salvation through these unique ministries. Pray that more doors are opened for Gospel growth in Indonesia.

Indonesia is an archipelago with 13,000 islands split into 33 provinces. Islam is the dominant religion, and indigenous missionaries struggle against radical sects who want to advance a strict interpretation, such as Sharia.

Open Doors USA puts Indonesia at #47 on their World Watch List, a ranking of 50 nations where persecution is the worst. Radical Muslims reportedly cause the most trouble for Christians, as they steer public opinion. Sometimes Muslim-background believers (MBBs) have to flee their homes, and they face physical abuse on a regular basis.

See how you can pray for Muslims during their holiest month, Ramadan, which begins tomorrow.

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