e3 Partners joins virtually with ministry in Belgium

By February 22, 2021

Belgium (MNN) — e3 Partners has turned to virtual mission trips ever since COVID-19 limited international travel. Now, the ministry has started sending teams overseas once again.

As these teams minister, they connect virtually with a team back in the U.S. e3 Partners calls this system, “One team, two locations.” Read more about the format here.

Recently, the ministry partnered with Christians in Belgium. Jeremy Doorton, Executive Director of e3 Canada, explains how he and Kevin, a ministry worker in Belgium, worked together to plan the trip. “Kevin would give some backstory from some relevant things right in his community, in his mission field. I put it together and sent it out to everybody on the call. Before our next [virtual] mission gathering, they would click on this link and then hit play.”

“They would follow Kevin’s instructions saying, ‘Hey, on the right, you’re gonna see the home where I live.’ And then as we walked on, it navigated us using Google Street View, and actually walks you to the next navigation point.”

The trip brought together people from all over the globe, enabling them to walk and pray together during their ministry. Dooley says, “We might put in two or three navigation points, as many as six stops along the way, and expose the people to live experiences. [Kevin might say] ‘Here’s the town square where the refugees gathered. And some bad things go down in this area. Let’s pray against spiritual strongholds.’ Lots of great things that came from that.”

You can join a virtual mission trip just like this trip to Belgium. See upcoming e3 Partners mission trips here.



Header image by Walkerssk from Pixabay. It shows a scene from Brussels, the capital of Belgium. 

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