e3 Partners’ local church training impacts U.S. community

By March 11, 2019

United States (MNN) — e3 Partners is passionate about equipping people to globally spread the Gospel. But e3 also recognizes the need for God’s Word in its home country, the United States. This is why the ministry partners with and offers training for U.S. churches through its e3 Partners U.S. team.

Training in Action

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

E3’s Jeff Johnston says one example of the impact is Steve’s story. Steve, a man from Oklahoma who describes himself as an introvert, experienced an e3 training. The training challenged him to be bold and share Christ with people as a lifestyle. Soon after, Steve decided to knock on doors and offer to pray for his community. Then, one couple invited him back.

The couple, Daniel and Laura, were experiencing friction in their relationship. The Church had hurt them in the past, and because of that, they cut church out of their lives.

“Daniel went as far as saying that he hated the Church and believed that the Church was just an organization of hypocrites. Then Laura had said that she’d been burned by the Church when she was younger, and she was done with it and didn’t ever want to go to church again,” Johnston says.

“But there’s something about Steve that they felt he genuinely cared about them, that he was a good person. They were drawn to him, and so they allowed him to come back.”

Building Relationships with Strangers

When Steve returned, he shared his own “God” story with them and his road to becoming a Christian. He also shared the hope of the Gospel; which Johnston says hit home with the couple in a way it previously had not.

“For nine weeks, Steve kept coming back and just reading through the Bible with Daniel and Laura and sharing the Gospel with them over and over again, and teaching them how to share it themselves. And just really pouring into them and discipling them. It’s kind of crazy to see what’s come of them now,” Johnston says.

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

Since then, Steve baptized Daniel and Laura. Then, they decided to give church another go and began attending church with Steve. Johnston says the congregation loved Daniel and Laura and welcomed them into their community with open arms.

“They also started volunteering at the church, and now they’re doing the exact same thing that Steve did to help bring them back to Christ. They’re going out weekly and knocking on doors and asking people if they can pray for them. Sharing the Gospel with people and discipling people and so the work is multiplying. The Kingdom of God is just spreading throughout their city,” Johnston says.

“It’s just amazing to see what God can do with the faithfulness of an introvert and I think it’s just amazing to see how far Daniel and Laura have come from completely dismissing church from their lives all the way to getting baptized and being incredibly involved in their church and just the ministry of spreading the Gospel all across their city.”

Get Involved

If you would, pray for Daniel and Laura, their faith, and their ministry work. But, pray for the Church’s ability to live into the messy and love people like Jesus did, so all communities may be introduced to the Gospel and come to know Christ.

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Header photo courtesy of e3 Partners. Numbers in the image are from 2017 per e3 Partners’ Facebook.

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