e3 Partners offers virtual Nigeria mission trips

By March 18, 2021

Nigeria (MNN) — Since early 2020, e3 Partners has used virtual mission trips to continue ministry during the pandemic. Digital technology allows participants to meet with Christians overseas, even ministering and praying with them.

The ministry regularly offers trips to Nigeria. Dennis Larkin organizes these trips, working with the e3 Partners team of six Nigerian Christians spread throughout the country. Americans wanting to join a trip will only have to set aside an hour, Larkin says. “When we call in (and participants can be anywhere around the world really) we speak to them, we exhort them, we offer them scripture, we pray over them. They often will give us a report of what’s happened in the field that day or the previous day.

“They’ll be telling us, ‘We went out in the field and I shared the Gospel and this man came to the Lord, or this lady came to the Lord, or these people came to the Lord.’ They’ll share their stories.”

Nigeria can be a dangerous place for Christians, especially in the northern parts of the country. Christians very often come under direct attack from militant Islamic groups. Larkin says, “These believers that I know, they’re passionate to get the Gospel out throughout their people groups. They want to reach those that are unreached. They want to get to the Muslim believers. And so we have a Muslim background believer training that we train them in, so they can go and share the Gospel. There are many Muslims that are very open to the Gospel. Especially when we use a story like the path of the prophets.”

You can apply for a Nigeria trip, or learn more about other virtual mission trips here.



Header photo courtesy of Namnso Ukpanah on Unsplash.