e3 Partners to train 1 million Christians in 5 years

By June 25, 2021

USA (MNN) — Over the next 5 years, e3 Partners hopes to train and disciple one million missionaries in North America.

EVP of Operations Scott Cheatham says different wings of the ministry will come together to accomplish this. “We want to leverage our media ministry. You know, I Am Second birthed from the idea of people telling their stories of how God has transformed their lives. And it has done a really good job of that the last 13 years. So how do we move people from viewing other folks telling their stories to actually telling folks themselves about how God has transformed their lives? And how do we leverage all of the church relationships that we have over the last 30 something years of organizing short-term mission trips?”

When these million people have been trained, they will serve in their own local mission fields: from towns to schools to families. You can get involved with this work and become one of the million new missionaries. Read more here.

Cheatham says, “About 2% of evangelicals share their story and the Gospel. We have an opportunity to come alongside and serve our churches to help equip their people to share the Gospel. We know that is what transforms our hearts and lives and communities.”

Eventually, e3 Partners wants to see this training impact mission fields in countries around the world. Keep an eye out for more MNN coverage.



(Header courtesy of Free-Photos from Pixabay)