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By August 24, 2018

USA (MNN) – Evangelizing isn’t just for Gospel workers. Instead, e3 Partners is encouraging believers to learn how to effectively share God’s Word and their testimony.

“I think all of us as believers are called to be evangelists. I think that word itself can have kind of a scary tone or intonation where we think that’s only for the ‘chosen few’, but it’s not. It tells us in II Corinthians [5:20] that we are Christ’s ambassadors as though God was making His appeal through us,” e3’s Jeff Johnston says.

“We’re all called to be evangelists in spreading the Good News about Jesus.”

However, it’s not easy to jump into evangelism. Johnston points out that like everything else, evangelism takes practice and training.

He says people aren’t able to give a perfect answer to the first person who asks why they believe in Jesus.

“It takes practice. It takes an understanding of the scriptures…I think training’s important just because we should be constantly striving to be the best versions of ourselves as possible, be the best evangelists.”

Evangelism Training Resources and Courses

e3 is making evangelism training available to everyone by providing resources on their website and in-person training courses to help people build their evangelism efforts.

On their website, e3 provides training and videos that teach people about the commands of Christ, how they can share their testimony, and how to share the Gospel.

“There’s also a button on that page to contact our training team or view our training challenger,” Johnston says.

“We’re all over the country in over a hundred cities. We have access to the people that are trainers that will come to your church, or come to your small group, and help you get plugged into a training that’s already going on and they actually lead these trainings, and it’s free to you.”

Some in-person training called ‘Gospel conversations’, take one afternoon and teach people how to share the Gospel and how to disciple someone when they come to Christ.

“It helps you with the next steps there and then there are other trainings that are more in-depth that take a full weekend,” Johnston says.

e3 takes examples from scriptures on how to best train people. They look at examples of Jesus, Paul, disciples, and others from the Bible on how they worked and acted.

“The things they said, the things that they did, the actions that they took that we can learn from and then we can put into practice ourselves.”

Ripple Evangelism

Johnston says as people train, they’ll start noticing more opportunities to share the Truth with others or even simply show the Love of Jesus.

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

As people dig into sharing with others, they’ll grow more confident and passionate in their ministry walk, and as they witness others coming to Christ, they can help train them in ministering to others as well.

Johnston shares this is how it was for Mary, one of e3’s trainees.

Mary went on a mission trip through e3 and became passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. She was directed to training sessions, which she attended a number of. She connected with a group that prays for people in their community too. As she continued to share the Word, she grew more passionate. Now, she leads e3 mission trips and has even trained others in discipleship.

And Mary is just one example.

Johnston says he’s shared evangelism tactics with middle schoolers at Church and encouraged them to share with their friends and peers.

One of the kids in the program, named Jacob, shared with his friend about the Gospel. Several weeks later, Jacob’s friend showed up with him. He listened inventively, was involved, and interested, and he’s continued to return every week since.

“There are no age requirements for any of this,” Johnston says. “God can use anyone. Even the young.”

Get Involved

e3 invites you to check out their training resources or join a training course near you.

Find their training resources here.

“We just want to spread the Gospel throughout all the earth until there’s no place left that hasn’t heard the message of the Gospel. And in order to do that, we need essentially everyone that believes in Jesus to be a part of that.”

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