E3 Partners trip to Israel reassures Jews and Arabs of true peace In Christ

By August 7, 2009

Israel (MNN) — Indecision and conflict continued in the
Gaza Strip today as the Fatah congress extended their conference for another

The conference, which was originally to last for three days,
was scheduled to end Thursday. However, struggle for control between the
younger and older members and around 400 delegates who have been prevented
from traveling to the Gaza Strip, have caused turmoil in the conference and forced
it to be prolonged.

In addition to these power struggles, Hamas, Fatah's rival
faction, controls the Gaza Strip and has refused to let the delegates leave
until Fatah releases some 900 Hamas prisoners being held in the West Bank.

Tom Doyle with E3 Partners is currently in the area on a
short-term mission trip. His team plans to visit Jerusalem, the Hypha area, Tel
Aviv, Bethlehem and the West Bank.

"Obviously, what's happening in the Gaza strip with Hamas is
deplorable with the conditions there for the people, and so nobody's quite
sure. We've talked to people in the West Bank, people in Gaza, and they really
don't know what the future holds," Doyle said.

In several of the areas they have visited, such as Hypha, Jews and
Arabs live together peacefully. Doyle said while Palestinians are often
associated with terrorists, many just want peace.

"The majority of the Palestinians that we know would love
for there to be a peace. They really don't want to fight Israel, don't want any
of that nonsense that has been going on for decades," said Doyle.

E3 Partners sees this as an open door to share with the Jews
and Arabs in the region the inner peace Jesus gives through a relationship with

Doyle also said, "We hear all about maybe a 'two states' solution–Israel and Palestine. We try to stay out of the politics if we can
and just say, ‘How about a one heart solution, where Jews and Arabs come
together under the name of Jesus Christ?'"

With growing disillusion among Palestinians with their
government, many are responding to this message. On his trip, Doyle said, his
team has already seen several people pray to receive Christ. One of the best
kept secrets of the area is how much the Palestinian church is growing.

"It's not huge numbers, but there's significant growth going
on," Doyle said, speaking of the Palestinian church.

Doyle said both the Jews and Arabs in the area have been resilient
to the trials they have faced, and neither is going anywhere.

Ultimately, "We know that Jesus is what's going to bring the
peace to this area," he said.

Please pray for the hearts and minds of the people
Doyle and his team minister to in the region. Pray for the favor of God to show
in their actions and words, and for the people to long for the peace Jesus

To learn more about the ministry of E3 Partners and how to
become involved with their short-term teams or other ministries, visit their Web site.

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