e3 Partners works near US-Mexico border

By November 7, 2022

Mexico (MNN) — It’s election season in the U.S., which means a lot of focus on the southern border with Mexico. But if you look closer, you will see a different side of the story.

E3 Partners has worked in Reynosa, directly across the border from Hidalgo, Texas, since May of last year. Claudia Adame, the EVP of Hispanic Global Missions, says, “What we do is demonstrate God’s love by listening to their stories, interacting with the kids as far as puppet shows, singing, or things like that. This gives them and their parents a respite from the journey and from their experience in the camps.”

“It gives them a break from the chaos they are living in.”

E3 Partners works with several local churches, sharing God’s love in word and action. Adame says, “Initially, people were in those camps for quite a few months. So we had an opportunity to disciple them long-term, helping develop leaders for the several small churches that were started in that refugee camp.”

But things have changed at the camp over the last few months. Adame says, “Things have accelerated quite a bit. Instead of people being there a few months, they might be there a few days.”

E3 had to shift its strategy, sharing God’s story with small groups of people quickly before they move on.

Get involved

You can participate in this work, even if you don’t speak Spanish. Adame says e3 Partners lines up translators for their trips to Reynosa. “The translation from English to Spanish, Spanish to English is built into the experience.”

God provides translators for other languages as well, Adame says. “Interestingly, in the refugee camps we’re working in, there are a lot of Haitians and people from many different countries too. Somehow, the Lord works it out. If we need a French Creole speaker, there will be somebody three tents down the road.”

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The header photo shows e3 Partners with immigrants in Reynosa. (Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

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