e3 trip to Tanzania shows albino children Christ’s love

By November 28, 2018

Tanzania (MNN) – e3 Partners hosts trips to share Christ with adults and raise up disciples abroad. But did you know these trips can also include children’s ministry? It is a common theme during e3’s trips to Tanzania.

The Plight of Albinism

“There’s a large population of albino children in Tanzania and they kind of have two really hard things to overcome. One of those things is just the fact that they don’t have any pigment in their skin. They lack pigment in their skin which makes them really susceptible to skin cancer. The fact that they’re outside a lot of the time, too, just exacerbates that even more so. Then the other thing is that there’s a lot of witch doctors in Tanzania. [They] try to curse all of them [the children] or consider all of them cursed,” e3’s Jeff Johnston says.

(Photo courtesy of e3 Partners)

These children grow up practically shunned from their local communities. They live in fear of witch doctors who are known to hunt albino children for their body parts. But when e3 visits, trip-goers tangibly show these kids Christ’s love. They also teach them how to care for their skin while refuting the idea these children are cursed. Furthermore, this care opens doors to share the Gospel.

“There’s about 26 of these shelters. These shelters in Tanzania where a lot of these kids are housed now. Our hope and our goal is to take trips to all 26 of them over time,” Johnston says.

e3 has visited four of these shelters so far. During each visit, the organization has provided Bibles and the e3 children’s guidebook. Teams will also help hold a Bible study and sometimes a vacation Bible school.

“We’ve seen in those four areas just the light of Jesus light up in those kids. We’ve seen them go from just really shy and not wanting to talk with anyone, to just really outgoing and clearly having this sense of self-worth. Just feeling more so like they belong,” Johnston recalls.

Long-term Impact in Tanzania

e3 has seen a long-term impact from its children’s ministry trips. Kids who come to faith in Christ then share the Gospel with parents, siblings, and even neighbors. These kids go from being ignored in society to becoming Christian leaders in their community. Johnston says this method of multiplication, where disciples are making disciples, is not just for adults; it’s for kids, too.

Unsure about going on an e3 trip? Johnston urges you to trust God and go on a trip anyway. He promises the trip will change your life.

“Take that step of faith or take that leap of faith and come on a trip. Just share the love of Jesus with these kids because it will absolutely change their lives and it will absolutely change yours as well,” Johnston urges.

Pray for God’s word to impact the hearts of these children. Ask God if you should be one of the people share Christ in Tanzania. Pray for opportunities to share about Jesus each day. Finally, ask God to raise more laborers because the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

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Header photo courtesy of Nicolas Raymond via Flickr.

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