Earl narrowly misses Haiti, but is the country out of the clear?

By August 31, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — It's the middle of hurricane season, and
three storm systems loom over the Caribbean, threatening to destroy livelihoods
and hit the already crippled nation of Haiti.

Hurricane Danielle already missed Haiti. At one point,
Hurricane Earl was headed straight for Haiti, "But it's taking a swing to
the north before it gets to Hispaniola, so it looks like Haiti might be spared
this one," said Eva DeHart of For Haiti with Love.

But even if Hurricane Earl continues to follow its current
projected path, would Haiti be ready if another storm were to hit? Millions
still reside in tent cities, and of course few building are left standing to
provide any sort of structure.

DeHart doesn't think Haiti is prepared: "They're going
to be vulnerable to the elements, and any severe storm is going to threaten all
of those people who are still living in tent cities," she said.

Plus, DeHart doesn't think Haiti is capable of preparing:
"Haiti doesn't have that sort of infrastructure any more–if they ever
did. So there wouldn't be a plan; there would just be emergency efforts after
it happened."

If a storm were to hit, it would stretch relief
workers and supplies even thinner.

Though the necessary paperwork has been filled out, DeHart
said four containers of food are still stuck in customs in Port-au-Prince.
While this prevents For Haiti from helping out more people right now in Cap
Haitien, if the country were to be hit by a storm, For Haiti would have that
food to distribute if they could gain access to it.

DeHart said For Haiti is just a small ministry, but they are
doing all they can. If a storm heads their way, For Haiti does have a pavilion
on the side of a mountain to provide some shelter.

Meanwhile, For Haiti is continuing to provide as much
assistance to Haitians as they can from their small stock of supplies. Most
importantly, DeHart said, as they give people food or treat them at their
clinic, they share Christ: "It's one-on-one witnessing with everyone who
comes through the clinic. It's one-on-one witnessing with everyone who gets
food from the food program because those are all gifts from God through God's

Pray that Haitians will entrust their uncertain futures to the
God who holds everyone's future in His hands.

Since For Haiti is such a small organization, any financial
help they can get is much appreciated. If you want to give to For Haiti, click
here to donate

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