Early election results show Lobo winning, stability in future

By December 1, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — Honduras is looking to move past their political instability of the last five months with the election of a new president.

Elections were held on Sunday, and though not all of the results have been tallied, it appears that Porfirio Lobo will be the country's new president. If elected, his term will begin in January.

Mike Douris with Orphan Outreach said if Lobo is declared the winner, this could be the first step toward political and economic stability in the country.

"Our hope and prayer is that things will stabilize and that mission activity and the economy would be able to go on a better track. This has really had a severe impact on the country economically, and it's really hampered mission efforts as well," he said.

If Lobo is confirmed as president, the most important thing will be for others countries to recognize the elections, focusing on the country's future instead of siding with deposed president Manuel Zelaya.

"Brazil, Argentina and some others are saying right now that they're not going to recognize [the elections], but Costa Rica and the United States [have] cautiously left the door open to accept the election results and the new president," Douris said.

Since June 28 when Zelaya was thrown of the country, Honduras has seen great unrest, and ministries like Orphan Outreach were forced to cancel short-term mission trips.

Now, as the country tries to move forward, Douris said ministries should be able to re-enter the country. He does not foresee Orphan Outreach's two upcoming trips being canceled. One trip is scheduled for Dec. 6 to Tegucigalpa and another on Dec. 26.

Douris said one positive thing which could come from the turmoil throughout the last months is that many will be searching for answers and hopefully will turn to Christ.

"Whenever you have a situation like this with stress levels up, people in uncertainty, and an economic crisis, I think people are more open to the Gospel. I think there are more opportunities to show Christ's love," Douris said.

Pray for Hondurans as ministries return to the area and they get the chance to hear about Christ. Pray that their hearts will be open. Pray for the safety of Orphan Outreach partners serving there and for the teams who will be traveling to the area in December.

Also, as the country struggles to right itself politically and economically, pray for Orphan Outreach to receive additional resources to minister there.

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