Earthquake hits Mexico

By March 21, 2012

Mexico (MNN) — A 7.4 magnitude earthquake and resulting aftershocks shook Mexico yesterday near Oaxaca. Compassion International is concerned because they have work in the region.

Compassion's Kathy Redmond says they have children in the
region. "[We have children] basically between Oaxaca and Mexico City. So,
we are very concerned about the status of our children in those areas."

Compassion's Kathy Redmond says they have children in the region, but it's unclear if any of them are victims. "We're looking at about 4,000 compassion children that could be affected in the area. We're not sure just how far the damage is, how far the shock waves were felt. It hit right in the middle of Mexico; this is a region of Mexico where we are going to have more child development centers."

The major cities aren't the concern: it's the small villages with few building codes. Redmond says if it's like the recent Philippine crisis, it could be days before they know anything about their children.

You can sponsor a child in Mexico, or support Compassion's emergency complementary interventions program at our Web site.

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