Earthquake hits near Honduras, Buckner International unaffected

By May 29, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — Yesterday morning, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck just off the coast of Honduras, damaging the island of Roatan but sparing areas where Buckner International works.

Randy Daniels with Buckner said, “As far as we know right now (and our staff in Honduras is checking to verify), there’s been no damage to any of the places that we work. We have verified that our staff is fine, even though they did experience the shock of an earthquake, but it seems not to have done much damage.”

Daniels said he expected there would be much more damage than has been reported, but he is thankful for the lack of damage.

Most of the damage sustained in the earthquake was to the island of Roatan and not the mainland, though several homes were destroyed and phone lines and power lines were down.

“We’re not interrupting any of our short-term mission trips that are going to Honduras,” Daniels said, including one arriving today.

However, Daniels also said, “They’re already one of the poorest countries in the Americas, and to be hit by an earthquake like this, regardless of the level of damage, hurts them dramatically.”

Pray for the people from the island of Roatan, who got hit especially hard, and for all the people of Honduras. Also, pray for Buckner as this might be an opportunity to expand their ministry in Honduras and share the Gospel with these people in this challenging time.

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