Earthquake in Indonesia, AMG work is safe

By March 9, 2007

Indonesia (MNN) — A deadly earthquake has residents of
Sumatra, Indonesia on edge. West Sumatra's disaster management agency says 85
people were killed by Tuesday's two quakes, which were also felt in neighboring
Singapore and Malaysia, but hundreds more were injured and thousands spent a
night in open fields, frightened that further tremors would hit.  The Magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck the
western part of the island of Sumatra earlier this week.

However, one ministry is thanking God for protection. AMG
works in Indonesia. AMG's Roger Thomas says, "We have 23
child care projects in Indonesia, serving over 500 children and a number of
church planters working with young congregations."

AMG is there to provide for the needy. They provide food,
funding to send children to school and more. Thomas says it's door opening work
in a Muslim culture. "They are receptive to our help and to the
presentation of the Gospel along with that. And, many have responded to the Christian
message and have come to Christ."

The ministry doesn't stop once that happens, says Thomas.
"We follow that up with church planters that begin churches. And, then
child care centers that help the children as well."

Thomas says it's situations like this earthquake the gives
Christians an opportunity to make an eternal difference in people's lives.
"This is where we can do in from a small start of providing relief,
temporary housing and that sort of thing. We get to know the people and get to
see what they're real needs are for the long term."

The relationships that develop, ultimately allow them to
talk about spiritual things.

Christians are being encouraged to help AMG be prepared to
reach out in times of tragedy. "We have a relief fund where we provide
whatever resources are needed to immediately respond to disasters like this.
The other thing is every single childcare center is trying to feed more
children than we have sponsored children."

You can sponsor a child for $25 a month. Click here to do

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