Earthquake survivors open to Gospel

By July 25, 2008

(MNN) — A Chinese doctor had only slept 10 hours in five days when a Christian
medical team arrived to help. Although
he had barely escaped death and lost his own grandmother when his house
collapsed, he was busy caring for thousands of other earthquake survivors.

"Tears filled the doctor's eyes as he took our hands and
said, ‘Feichang ganxie,' (extreme thanks) over and over," a member of
the team told International Mission Board.  

Chinese Christians in areas hit by the earthquake are
reporting increased openness and spiritual hunger for the Gospel. Historically, the area has been resistant to
the Gospel. Now, doors are opening as
Christians open their homes to earthquake survivors and minister to them in
various ways. 

"Chinese Christians must simply come, listen to the stories,
love the survivors and offer them hope for the future," a worker told IMB. "Some Chinese Christians are opening up their
homes to the victims. Others from Beijing, Shanghai and other places around China are coming to give their time,
money, love and hope."

International Mission Board has been able to provide food,
water filters and purification systems, building materials, sanitation systems
and health care.  n the process, workers
have heard a seemingly endless number of heartbreaking stories.  

"One mother had dug her daughter from the rubble still alive
but watched her die because there was no medical help," a worker wrote. "One man watched his house collapse on his
wife and his mother before they could make it out the front door. A young,
pregnant wife lost her husband when the mine where he was working collapsed,
killing him and 1,000 other men. On and on the stories went."

Many of these people have learned of the hope of the Gospel
from Christian volunteers. One
14-year-old girl had survived the collapse of her five-story school. More than a thousand students died. Though the girl wore a silver crucifix around
her neck, she had never heard of the salvation offered by Jesus Christ until
Christian volunteers shared it with her.  

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