Easter broadcast ‘Continente 2010’ reaches millions

By April 8, 2010

Latin America (MNN) — This time 2000 years ago, the resurrection of one man changed the world for eternity. Last week, after hearing His story, many experienced a kind of resurrection themselves.

In the Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday this year, the Luis Palau Evangelical Association partnered with Spanish television network Enlace to broadcast one program every night explaining the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. The programs, known as "Continente 2010," reached an estimated tens of millions people each night throughout Latin America.

The nightly television programs were broadcast to over 5,350 television and radio stations, broadcasting to 26 different Latin American countries including Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. They were also broadcast through the United States.

The live call-in format of the international broadcasts allowed many people from across the Western Hemisphere to call in and speak either directly to Luis Palau–the face and voice of the broadcasts, or to another Christian counselor. Palau says many expressed deep pain and baggage they were holding, and many committed their lives to following Christ right there on the phone with him.

It's hard to know just how many commitments were made to Christ as a result of the broadcasts, but over 685 partnering churches are prepared to help with follow-up. Callers who had given their lives to Christ as they recognized His sacrifice were sent a free copy of the New Testament along with follow-up material to grow and strengthen their faith.

Praise God for the many people who had been dead in sin but came alive in the hope of Christ through these broadcasts. Pray that each commitment would turn into a serious and deep relationship with the One who conquered death 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ.

To learn more about Luis Palau's evangelist ministry, click here.

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