Eastern Afghanistan: isolated and impoverished

By August 9, 2023

Afghanistan (MNN) — The region of eastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan remains one of the most isolated in the world.

Many people live in brick houses without reliable internet or paved roads. After a June 2022 earthquake, aid organizations struggled to reach the rural, mountainous villages most affected.

Nehemiah with FMI says the area isn’t good for agriculture. He says, “Usually they just depend on the livestock. There’s no industry. There’s no factories. Very, very rural, very rocky, mountainous area. So usually men of the families travel to big cities like Kabul to earn money.”

Nehemiah says any boy who is 12 years old is considered a man in Afghan culture. “So when boys turn 12, they go to different cities, and try to earn bread for their families,” he says.

Why live there?

So why do people live in these areas? Nehemiah says it’s all many people can afford. They don’t have to purchase land in the mountains; they can just throw together a house from mud and stones.

Additionally, he says, “There is no cost of living. Because there is no electricity. There is no gas, natural gas. There is no water provided by the government because they cannot afford it.”

FMI works in these areas, planting churches and providing safehouses for believers. After the 2022 earthquake, they rushed to help their neighbors in need.

Pray their love would show the face of Jesus to this region.


Header photo courtesy of FMI.