Kids radio: easy access, big impact

By July 7, 2016

International (MNN) — As Christians around the world are faced with persecution, and the spread of the Gospel becomes more and more difficult, missions efforts are having to get creative about how they reach different groups.

Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids thinks one of the most important audiences for God’s Word is children. That’s why the organization is using new ways to reach kids with the hope of Jesus.

Yoder explains, “The idea is just to provide them [with] a radio station they can praise God with. They can listen to great programs, they can learn about God’s Word and focus on God’s Word, and eventually become leaders in our culture.”

Photo Courtesy Keys for Kids

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

The radio station was just procured by Keys for Kids from Cornerstone University, and they’ve had to build a whole new listener base.

“It’s started off very slow. We had about 330 listeners the first month, but now we’re already up to over 16 thousand kids who are uniquely coming in and listening on a monthly basis!”

Yoder says one of the biggest appeals of the program is its accessibility. “People can listen to Keys for Kids Radio anywhere they have WiFi, on any mobile device whatsoever.”

And the best part is, it’s not just available here in the United States. Listeners can also hear the children’s program on the radio in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

The programming comes in eight-hour blocks timed to play during the day, when kids will be awake to hear it. With such a long period of time, Keys for Kids can provide varying content with the central message of encouraging children in their walk with the Lord.

“Down Gilead Lane is one of our drama series we present. We also have Keys for Kids that we produce that’s a five-minute [devotional] program. You can hear a devotional every day!… We also feature Parent Minute because we know a lot of parents are listening to Keys for Kids Radio along with their kids.”

(Photo courtesy of The Seed Company)

(Photo courtesy of The Seed Company)

Now Keys for Kids wants to reach farther and find new ways to spread the hope and love of Jesus Christ.

Yoder shares, “We’re in the process right now of raising a significant amount of money that’s almost $60,000 that will provide a platform, not just for the app, but also that will allow us to broadcast through the internet, will allow us to translate our Keys for Kids devotionals into other languages as well.”

Interested in supporting Keys for Kids broadcast ministry? We can connect you right here if you’d like to contribute.

In the mean time, keep the ministry in your prayers as Keys for Kids grows their broadcast platform and works to encourage kids around the world in their walk with the Lord.

“This is just the beginning of a bright future for Keys for Kids ministries.”

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