Easy-to-read Arabic Scripture portions are on their way to encourage Sudanese Christians.

By September 22, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–Sudan’s descent into nightmare spirals around the bid for land.

For those living on the land sought by the government, life is a continual series of bombings and raids. In a country mainly populated by Muslims, Christians and animists are the dominant population in the South.

The United Nations is stepping in to initiate a plan that shields battleworn civilians from militia attacks. This is the latest in a string of efforts to finally bring an end to two decades of fighting.

In the process, hundreds of thousands have fled the country, seeking refuge wherever they can find it. Many live in deplorable, ramshackle refugee camps, where food, water and shelter are scarce, and hope dwindles.

The picture of the Sudanese refugees is a stark one. Because of the situation facing many believers, the World Bible Translation Center is responding.

The Center’s Dale Randolph says they are sending the easy-to-read Arabic New Testament to encourage the Christians. “Everyone has been moved by the persecution and the difficulties and the starvation and all the problems, particularly in the South. So, we’re very eager to see copies of this Arabic New Testament get into Sudan and have earmarked about 100-thousand copies in the next 12 months.”

Randolph says the distribution and the timing of world events are crucial for the church. “The distribution is done very discretely, and is done through trusted avenues. We have already gotten copies into Sudan. It’s a touchy area, but it’s an area where there’s a great need at the moment.”

Pray for those involved with the distribution efforts and for those who will use the tools to encourage the other Christians in Sudan.

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