Easy-to-Read Bibles ready to be shipped

By July 14, 2009

Pakistan (MNN) — After attacks on Christians, life for believers is growing steadily more difficult in Pakistan's Kasur District.  However, World Bible Translation Center sees
this is a prime time to distribute their Easy-to-Read Urdu Bibles.

The country is tense because of political and military situations, but Sampson (name changed for security) says hearts are especially ready at this time.  "Muslims there are
open to the Gospel, and they're eager to read the word of God.  This is a critical time in Pakistan and if we don't send the Bibles at this time, at this very critical need of the heart, we'll be failing to do our part," said Sampson of WBTC.

Discipleship is a long-term process but it starts at the grass roots level.  When a worker befriends a seeker, the worker connects with them and their family.  Slowly he can begin sewing the word of God.  If a time of need arises… "they introduce Jesus as the best friend who can give them peace, who can give them comfort," said Sampson.  At that point, he says it is easy for the seeker to accept Christ as their savior.

WBTC already distributed 1,000 of these Bibles in a place in Punjab – in just eight days.  They already have a load of 1,500 Bibles that are ready to be shipped, as well as another request from a distributor who wants 5,000 Bibles. 

Though they have these Bibles, they are in need of funding to ship them.  "People have to jump in, they have to contribute, and they have to join hands, and support financially,
to sow the seeds of God in young people's hearts.  If they don't do it now, when do we do it?"

The Bibles are dropped at strategic locations where workers can pick them up.  From there, they take them out into the villages to distribute.

Sampson said prayer is needed, especially for safety.  "These people are being watched.  The workers are being watched," he explained.  Pray also for unity among the workers and … "pray that there'll be more hearts opening.  As one person's coming to the Lord, he naturally influences the other person in the local
community, so please pray that this influence will spread."


  • Janet Jones says:

    I want to thank you all for allowing God’s Word to be spread all over the world. I’m not in the five fold ministry, but I am a minister of reconciliation and I have a passion to spread the gospel where ever I go. I would love to give some Bibles at my local nursing home where I volunteer. I would also be honored to receive Bibles to give out in my community. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
    Janet Jones

  • D L Johnson says:

    I am serving with a Deaf outreach ministry, and I’d like to know how to order “Easy to Read” Bibles to distribute to the Deaf community.

    Thanks for your help,
    D. L. Johnson

  • Mike Kangas says:

    We are doing translation into Telugu and in my opinion, Telugu needs more Bible options than it has.
    I am wondering whether I can convert your Telugu bible into Unicode either mechanically or via transcription, and possibly make an e-sword module out of it.
    please let me know what you think by responding via the email above.

  • I am looking for a Bible that has the KJV on one side and the ERV on the other side of the page. I am wondering if you have those here at World Bible Translation Center or where you recommend I look for one? Thanks for your help! Have a blessed day!


  • My husband got an easy to read version of the Bible somewhere and I have been using it for about 6 years and have found it much easier to understand. I would like know if I can purchase one for a friend I am willing to buy one and pay for postage to Northern Ireland.

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