Ebola outbreak fading away

By June 25, 2015

West Africa (MNN/Compassion) — Even though health officials are saying the Ebola crisis is far from over, Compassion International is happy to report that the organization is pulling through in miraculous ways.

In fact, since the outbreak began in December 2013, not a single child, staff member, or church partner has reported any incidents of Ebola, and all of Compassion’s church partners throughout West Africa hold training workshops on Ebola prevention and containment.

Photo Courtesy Compassion International

(Photo Courtesy Compassion International)

In Togo, Ghana, and Burkina Faso, Compassion has been working with local health officials to educate inhabitants about health measures to prevent Ebola, such as hand-washing or other hygiene practices.

Guinea and Sierra Leone, two countries where the Ebola outbreak first started, are now reporting the lowest number of new cases in almost a year, showing that slowly but surely, the Ebola epidemic is dying out.

Compassion International is asking you to pray that God will provide health and safety for the children in its programs and to thank Him for the protection He has given them so far.

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