Ebola outbreak threatens prison ministry in Liberia

By December 8, 2014

Color-enhanced electron micrograph of Ebola virus particles.

Liberia (CBI) — With the Ebola crisis continuing to decimate West Africa, Dr. Jacob Vambo, acting director of Crossroad Bible Institute Liberia, contacted CBI U.S. with an urgent request for prayer.

“With tears and sorrow, we lost many lives,” Vambo said. “The virus is still lingering in the land, posing a great threat to our very survival.”

CBI Liberia is an emerging campus in the beginning phases of its CBI ministry, and the Ebola outbreak has slowed development and threatened the lives and safety of CBI staff, students, and supporters.

In Liberia, even leaving the house is a grave risk. “Public transportation is posing a serious danger to our lives,” said Vambo. Because the virus is so contagious, the team is currently minimizing all movement to avoid exposure.

(Photo courtesy Crossroad Bible Institute)

(Photo courtesy Crossroad Bible Institute)

As Vambo continues to live and work in a country ravaged by disease, he is putting his faith in God. “We are trusting the Lord for survival,” Vambo said.

So far this year, 17,290 cases of Ebola have been reported in West Africa, and more than 6,128 people have died, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is the largest Ebola outbreak on record.

The death toll in Liberia is over 3,155, making Liberia the hardest-hit country in all of Africa. Sierra Leone is second, with 1,609 total deaths. CBI has campuses in both countries.

“We pray that all those who are suffering will receive the treatment they need,” said CBI president Dr. Schuringa. “Christ’s ministry on earth was marked by healing, and we are praying that God’s healing power will be on display in these countries.”


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    Lord God arise on behalf of this people. My heart aches as I receive a word from the Lord that it will soon be over. God bless mnnonline team……. Remain rapturable

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