ECM begins new school fund

By April 14, 2016

Africa (MNN) — Do you remember the first time you saw a tuition bill? Maybe you thought, “How will I pay for this?”

Students helped by Every Child Ministries are asking themselves the same thing. They’re moving into higher education, and the costs for school are growing. To help balance the monetary changes, ECM is starting the Secondary School Scholarship Fund.

(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries)

“It’s a supplement to make sure that we do have the money to pay the school fees. Or, here’s and example: when a child first enters secondary school, they get a fairly significant bill, at least in an African context. They may have to pay $500 right away,” Mark Luckey with ECM explains.

The scholarship acts as a blanket fund. It won’t be available to just one area or project in the ministry, but to all. The fact of the matter is, most donors aren’t able to afford a sudden increase to meet the needs.

It’s important that these kids receive the education they need. Otherwise, it’s as if all other efforts to help them are for nothing.

“The truth is: without that secondary education, and even the next step which would be university education, it’s very difficult for the kids to really be successful,” Luckey says.

Students will have the opportunity, with the guidance of ECM, to choose which school he or she will attend. Often, the choice is based on the skillset the student will need in the future. Vocational education will also be available through this fund.

“After children leave secondary school, we can continue on helping them, getting them into a University of some kind where they can get the education that will really, in the end, be most beneficial to them,” Luckey expresses.

(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries)

(Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries)

While ECM would prefer students to attend Christian secondary schools, this is not always possible. Instead, to encourage spiritual growth, and since ECM has spent the past few years helping to build a strong Christian foundation, Gospel workers will act as spiritual mentors.

In the meantime, please pray for ECM. Pray that they would have wisdom to use these funds effectively, wisdom for helping children discover where to attend secondary schooling and sponsorships for the children.

To learn more or donate to the Secondary School Scholarship Fund, click here.

To learn more or sponsor a child, click here!


  • I am very much interested about your organisation I am at Jagatsinghpur of ODISHA, INDIA . I have own land to start chiild ministries in our localities where majority of poor muslim and hindus are staying . I want to start a old age home for poor people of odisha in Jagatsinghpur, Odisha ,india , please pray with burden that GOD will start the programme in HIS own time ,Pray for financial help also and
    – pray for this type of GOD work without any hindren / oobstacles

  • I am also interested to start medical and rehabilitation ministries to the sick and handicapped , people please pray for this .
    pray for me to start school for homeless street children seeking to release .

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