Economic crisis impacts generosity of Iranian church

By October 14, 2019

Iran (MNN) — At the end of September, Iran’s inflation rate reached nearly 43 percent, causing the extreme devaluation of the Iranian rial. The economic woes and crippling economy are partly due to sanctions the United States placed on the country earlier this year. David* of Heart4Iran says it has thrown the country into crisis.

“We’re hearing of stories of just people unable to pay for their rent, buy groceries. Any kind of basic necessities are really becoming unaffordable,” David says.

Prices change at a moment’s notice. Bread costs and the costs of other necessities yo-yo throughout the day, sending grocery shoppers home empty-handed. The inflation is even impacting the Iranian underground Church, the very people Heart4Iran serves.

Balancing Need and Generosity

These Christians still have daily needs that need fulfilling. As one can imagine, life’s circumstances are making the idea of generosity a little difficult to grasp, let alone put into action.

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran via Facebook)

“The Irani movement is very young, and [the] idea of generosity is something that they’re just starting to come to grips with. And while we’ve heard stories of incredible generosity, even in the midst of this desperation, for the most part a lot of the underground believers still haven’t even wrestled with the issue of generosity yet. Or what is their responsibility, or how should they treat people in such a time like this,” David explains.

The idea of generosity in Iran, especially in the current economy, is a paradigm shift for Iranian believers. However, it’s a crucial one; David says generosity is a Kingdom principle.

“It brings joy to the believer’s life, and it’s just such a blessing for anybody that becomes generous, so it’s something that we want to see incorporated into the Iranian house church movement,” David says.

Pray for the Church in Iran

Heart4Iran is partnering with Generosity Path to provide resources and retreats for believers to explore the concept of generosity from a Biblical perspective. And a generous heart during times of great need, as Iran is experiencing, is a Gospel witness in and of itself.

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran via Facebook)

“It’s a…huge counter-cultural message to everything they’re hearing…What if the people of God are standing up, the Christian people, and they’re showing a totally different view of this crisis? [What if] they’re being generous in this time, and they’re loving their neighbor and helping each other out, and just really showing that Christian values during this time? That then becomes an evangelistic tool,” David says.

Please pray for the Church in Iran. Ask God to provide for their daily needs. Pray for this principle of generosity to permeate the Church and for Iranian Christians to have the strength and generous hearts. Also, pray for their generosity to be a witness to their neighbors and communities. Pray for the encouragement of our persecuted brothers and sisters, too.

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*Name changed for security.



Header photo courtesy of Heart4Iran via Facebook.

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