Economists warn of recession in Europe

By September 15, 2022

International (MNN) — For the first time in decades, the dollar and the euro have equal buying power. Denise Godwin with International Media Ministries says, “There’s a parity. And that’s amazing. It’s great for missionaries, who end up having better buying power for the money that they raised to live here.

“But of course, that’s a challenge for Europe.”

Many economists in Europe worry about slipping into recession. Europe largely depends on Russia for natural gas. As winter approaches, Russia has threatened to cut off supplies over the war in Ukraine.

IMM’s message

Godwin says that makes IMM’s message all the more important. “We know that Christ’s message becomes more valuable to people in crisis, who are considering, ‘Why is life the way it is? What is happening to me? Where do I put my focus?’”

International Media Ministries wants to put the story of Jesus on every screen they can. Godwin says, “One of the ways we do that is to support Christian European Visual Media Association, which is a loose group that creates videos, social media, and films.”

Ask God to strengthen Christians in Europe. Godwin says, “These believers need encouragement and support. It’s important to pray for those doing media. We all know people who wouldn’t go into church today with you for any reason. But they would watch some kind of media. In Europe, that’s especially true.”



Header photo courtesy of Avij (talk · contribs), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.