Ecuador hit by second quake

By April 21, 2016

Ecuador (MNN) — On Wednesday morning, the people of Ecuador awoke to a magnitude-6.1 earthquake, just off the country’s west coast.

It’s the second major quake to hit Ecuador since Saturday evening, when a magnitude-7.8 earthquake rocked the country and left a death toll of over 525; more than 2,658 people have been injured. Both statistics are still growing.

(Photo and caption courtesy Christian Aid Mission) Downed building in Pedernales, Ecuador.

Downed building in Pedernales, Ecuador.
(Photo and caption courtesy Christian Aid Mission)

Hardest-hit areas include the three coastal towns of Manta, Portoviejo, and Pedernales. Currently, an indigenous ministry that Christian Aid Mission assists is providing relief aid to the people of Pedernales and sharing the Gospel. The ministry needs help to purchase more relief items in order to continue its work.

Pedernales is one of Ecuador’s top tourist locations, bringing in visitors from all over the world. What was once regarded as a beautiful attraction and source of income for the country has been reduced to mostly rubble.

Christian Aid Mission is taking donations to assist the indigenous ministry and provide help for Ecuadorians. One-hundred percent of the funds donated will be used to help Ecuadorians by providing clean water, clothes, food, and more. Click here to send help through Christian Aid Mission.

Please pray for Ecuador as the country deals with its worst disaster in decades. Pray also for safe travel for ministry workers and others. More and more robberies have been taking place along the road from the coast to inner Ecuador.

But pray also for God to provide the funds needed to help Ecuador’s survivors. Pray that as ministry workers provide aid, doors would also open for them to share the Gospel and for others to come to Christ.

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